What is the difference between minibar and barmini?

Minibar by José Andrés is a multi-course dining experience with just one seating of ten guests per evening. To dine at minibar, tickets must be purchased in advance. Tickets can be purchased here.

Barmini by José Andrés is our cocktail lounge, featuring classic libations and unique creations, as well as a menu of inventive snacks. At barmini, reservations are highly encouraged, although walk-ins are accepted when there is availability.

How do I make a reservation at minibar?

Dining at minibar is by reservation only. Please visit minibar for tickets or click the ticket button at the bottom of this website to purchase your ticket.

Reservations are accepted one calendar month at a time, starting at NOON EST on the first of each month. For example, on February 1st, reservations for March will be released. You may make a reservation at any time during the two-month period, based on availability.

What is José’s Table?

For an exclusive dining experience within minibar, reserve José’s Table. A private dining room adjacent to the kitchen, José's Table is designed for a single party of up to six guests. José’s Table gives you the opportunity to enjoy minibar from an entirely different perspective, offering a peek into José’s newest creations and ideas, as well as unique and rare wine pairings, and is recommended for groups of four to six guests.

For more information please email us at concierge@minibarbyjoseandres.com


How much does minibar cost?

The menu price is $325 per person (excluding beverage, tax and gratuity). Beverage pairing options are available.

What beverage pairings are offered?

José's Pairing is available at $215 per guest and Bespoke Pairing at $550 per guest: Enjoy minibar as José would! These premium beverage pairings feature the most diverse wines from around the world including rare, unique and highly allocated wines. We invite you to email us so we recommend the best wines based on your preferences.

May I order a la carte?

Minibar offers a tasting menu meant to be enjoyed as a whole. The items are not available a la carte.

Can I eat at minibar if I’m a vegetarian or have food allergies?

Regarding allergies and dietary considerations, we cannot provide a full experience without using the following elements: dairy, gluten, porcine gelatin, soy, and egg. Any other allergy or consideration must be communicated, at your earliest convenience, to concierge@minibarbyjoseandres.com so we can discuss the specifics in detail. Due to the nature of preparing the experience, we are unable to make most accommodations without sufficient notice.

What is the dress code?

We do not have an official dress code – attire tends to be upscale casual.

Is there parking?

Street parking and numerous parking garages are available within a few blocks of minibar, the closest being located at 450 8th St NW.

Do you offer gift cards?

You may purchase a José Andrés restaurants e-gift card, which can be redeemed at barmini, minibar, or any other José Andrés Group restaurant (excluding those with hotel partnerships). For barmini and minibar, the gift card can be redeemed on the night of the reservation.

Minibar large parties and events information here.

Groups for up to 4 guests can be reserved online. To reserve a larger party or private dining, please email events.dc@minibarbyjoseandres.com.

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